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A question I get asked a lot from my beautiful clients, is how can they still add value to their ideal clients but also talk about their services. 


This question IS the question they ask but if I dive deeper, the underlying question here is…


1. How do I talk about my services without being ‘salesy’?

2. How do I value enough so people don’t think I am just selling to them all the time?

3. How do I stand as the expert when I have all this imposter syndrome showing up?

4. Will anyone buy, if I do talk about my services?

5. Does anyone want my services?

6. If I start offering my paid services will I push people away?


These potentially could sound familiar to you and you may have said one or two in your head right? 


So first of all, I want you to know that you are truly NOT ALONE, and second of all most of these questions are very heavily linked with the mindset, beliefs, and fears you have around selling. 


Now there are so many ways to break through these questions and guess what, I am going to be busting a lot of them this week and will be sharing some of my secret recipes to add value and talk about your services AND feel really freaking good doing it. 


Today I share my secret sauce of the VALUE SANDWICH!


Listen in to find out how you add the value sandwich to your content!



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