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Don’t Feel the Security That You Want Your Business to Bring You? Listen Up! [ep.108]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

When I first start working with my ideal clients, many of them share with me that they don’t feel secure in their business, and that is something we need to work on. Because if you don’t feel secure in your business, you start sending out almost desperate energy to the world. I know you are probably thinking: “Bec, that’s easy for you to say! You make multi six figures.” Yes, I do NOW. But in 2019, I was holding tight on every lead, every client, every dollar.

I believed that if I just made X [insert your desired amount of money] I would feel secure. I would be happy. All my problems would be solved. I’m telling you from my personal experience, it’s not true. Yes, money make some things easier. But you can always tap into the feeling of security at any point of any time of day and I teach you how to do it in today’s podcast episode! 

Topics covered on Lack of Security in Your Business:

  • What a lot of my clients struggle with
  • Misconception about where the security in your business comes from
  • What to do when you start feeling the lack of security in your business
  • Security is not always influenced by external factors
  • Quick exercise for creating security in your business 
  • How can you tap into any feelings at any point of any time of the day
  • A little practice I want you to start doing every morning

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Higher Self and I is the podcast for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve and sustain mind-blowing results in their biz. It’s a show that will release you of your victim mindset and give you complete freedom and energy to jump into the self you always knew you could be. Each week, Rebecca Haydon will help you lock your mindset into gear and empower you to step into the person you always knew you were meant to be – a bad-ass CEO who is here to claim her freaking millionaire life!

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