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Keep breaking your business promises? Listen to this [ep.102]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

Business promises. We’ve all made them and let’s be honest, from time and time again we have all broken them too. There is time for grace, we are not machines, we are humans. But continuous letdown creates a neural pathway that becomes a belief and we aren’t sure of the core reason for it. This lack of clarity is exactly what is keeping you from hitting those big CEO moves and launching yourself into the next level. It’s not a lack of wanting to succeed. You know you want to do it, you know you want the outcome, you know you want the reward, and you know you can but something is stopping you from actually doing the thing.

In today’s episode we turn up the heat and it gets realllll spicy, as I whip you out of that big ol’ confusion cloud and rain down on your parade in the best way possible. I want you to stop not following through on your promises. So if you were waiting for another butt-kicking episode where we bust some limiting beliefs, then this episode is just for you! Get your journal ready, because this is going to be a juicy one!

Topics covered on Business Promises:

  • Why do you keep falling back down and can’t push past the lack of trust you have in yourself
  • What subconsciously happens when you set these promises for yourself
  • How to train the brain to follow through with action
  • A quirky, yet effective exercise to help keep you accountable and follow through
  • How to rewire a stubborn neural pathway that keeps getting in the way of your success
  • The tools and the mindset techniques to help you bust the belief and your lack of trust
  • How to make the next level feel safe, no matter how high you climb
  • The real hard-hitting questions that will put a pin in your belief and give you the freedom to follow through with your business promises

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