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Ready to step into the highest version of yourself?

If you want to make rapid changes, new neural pathways and be inspired every single day by your higher self then these bespoke tracks are for you.

Watch the confidence in yourself and your dreams blossom, your self belief and self worth grow and your mindset, including your subconsious programing change just by listening to the track every single day.

Tracks start at $88 USD

What a Mantra Track can do for you…


Let go of negative beliefs that are holding you back and create new beliefs to support you moving forward.


Improve your self-esteem.


Improve your productivity.


Overcome your bad habits.


Control negative feelings such as frustration, anger, or impatience.


Many, many more exciting things - there is nothing we can’t solve!

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What Happens When I Purchase My Track?

✨ First : Bespoke Hypnosis Questionnaire

After making your payment you will recieve your bespoke hypnosis questionnaire.The deeper you go with the answers and the more information you provide the better results you will receive from the track.

✨ Second : Receiving Your Bespoke Hypnosis 

There will be a three day turn around for your track, once recorded I will upload it to your own google drive folder where you can access and download it. 

✨ Third : How & Where to Listen to Your Hypnosis Track 

You can listen to your hypnosis track as many times as you would like, at what ever time you like. I usually recommend my clients to listen to it daily as the brain learns best from repetition so you will start to see subtle subconscious changes quicker.

While you are hypnotised you will not be asleep, you will actually be directed at being more conscious about specific thoughts, sounds, images, such as your imagination, self-talk and feelings. You will hear everything I say to you and will remember everything that takes place. 

After the track is over, you WILL find yourself eliminating the old behaviours that have been holding you back. You will instantly begin to establish new thoughts and patterns that will lead you to the success that you desire and deserve.

You know what needs to be implemented in order to achieve success. You already have the abilities that are necessary. I cannot give you an ability that you do not already have. I can help you start using your abilities and “STOP the old habit of self-sabotaging yourself”.

In the past, you may have seemed as if you were taking 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back. Today, we will be eliminating those backward steps and start moving forward.