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I’ll never forget when I stood in the kitchen turned to my boyfriend Dan and said ‘I’m anxious, it all seems too good to be true…’


It was hard because through my business journey I had had success (more than I gave myself credit for – let’s be honest) but I had never had it consistently.


It had been EXTREME highs, followed by EXTREME lows. Regularly.


Months where I would do great.

Months where I would make nothing.


And that moment I stood in the kitchen, I had been getting a steady stream of incredible clients, a steady stream of discovery calls without doing icky outreach, I knew my monthly recurring revenue would cover all my outgoings before even getting to making any sales that month.


LIKE SERIOUS, this is what I would dream about. I would write in my journal. What I wished and hoped and prayed would happen.


(insert fear of success people)


And there I was standing in my kitchen, anxious, thinking it was all going to be taken away from me.


See, the subconscious mind is a funny old thing.


You know this is what you want, you dream about it, you ask the universe…


And it’s listening and it happens and BOOM! Your subconscious no longer feels safe because it’s in a new realm of possibility!


But in that moment, I stopped.


I stopped, looked around me, and affirmed. “Yes, Bec – it’s happening and how bloody AMAZING is that, it’s your new normal – so let’s just allow ourselves to get use to it”


It’s so easy to be constantly on the hunt for the NEXT THING in your business.


But sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, before the self-sabotaging behaviour, the distraction of other people and the worry that it’s all going to be taken away actually becomes real.


So today,


This is your reminder, just like when I was standing in my kitchen.


What are you pausing and congratulating today?


Let’s celebrate together!



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