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1. Understand your ideal client and their desires.

You can’t get the most of your visibility strategy online if you don’t know who you are being visible for. Getting inside the minds of your ideal clients is one of the BEST things I did for my business and has allowed me to become fully booked, in demand, and incredible comments like ‘your post is ME’. 


2. Where are your clients hanging out?

Knowing where your clients are hanging out is vital to your visibility strategy. A lot of my clients believe and stress they need to be on Instagram but actually, in hindsight, it’s NOT where their clients are. They spend so much time and effort in creating videos/reels/content to find they are just speaking to other coaches trying to sell to them and not their ideal clients. 


3. Bring your energy and create a feeling.

People buy from you because of the way you make them feel and in turn you have something to offer that they need. How do you want people to feel when they come onto your social media platform? What aspiration can you create for them? How can you stand in your superpower so it allows them to stand in yours?


Visibility is one of my superpowers and the strategy that has allowed me to become fully booked within my coaching business. If you want to create a visibility strategy that aligns to you and allows you to become omnipresent within your biz, click the link in my below to apply for my 1:1 5 Month Package today.


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