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1. Being inconsistent with your visibility online

No consistency is key when building the trust factor online.

(and NO you do not have to be showing up every day to create consistency)

In fact, with a strategical batching system you can begin to automate most things and still be completely visible.


2. Not talking directly to your ideal clients online.

If you talk to everyone, you talk to no one! (and trust me I found out the hard way!)

Your ideal client needs to know you can help them and most importantly they need to feel understood by you “are you in my head” kinda response. So as much as it would be nice to, you cannot be everything to everyone.


3. Listening to their fears and not taking action!

“What I lacked was confidence in myself, do people want to hear what I say, will anyone listen?”

Imagine showing up with such ease and knowing you are speaking from the heart with no fears of being yourself online. What would you be doing differently then?


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